Redwood School has an Inclusive Philosophy for all our students this involves working together – teachers, learning assistants (teacher aides), families and whanau, and specialists, as well as the student... working to create the best learning possible.  We seek to ensure the active involvement of a student with special needs as a valued member of our academic, physical, social, and cultural life of Redwood School. Supporting the participation of all students is a whole-school responsibility, much like the concept that “it takes a village to raise a child”. We place great emphasis on the integration of our learning needs tamariki into classroom programmes.

We work hard to find the right pace of change for the child, the family, and the teachers of Students with Learning needs, as they transition to our School.  Liaison with agencies, whanau, and past education providers ensures we get to know the Students and their needs.  This enables us to create a smooth transition to Redwood School.

Whilst at school students may require an individualised programme, this is established with a team including Whanau, Learning Needs Co Ordinator (LeNCO) and staff. Targeted Goals are set and reviewed by this team aiming to support the student’s specific learning need.

As a school we are able to access additional support where necessary for students for whom we are concerned.  

Support is applied for through Resource Teachers:

Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), Group Special Education (GSE) and Resource Teachers: Literacy (RT:Lit). These specialists are able to provide advice, support, and help with funding applications. Other providers included speech language therapists (SLTs), public health nurses, physiotherapists, occupational.


Our Learning Needs Coordinator is Jan Manawatu.  She can be contacted at: