We the PTA look forward to being in touch with you and keeping you up to date.

Hi my name is Maria Boddington, I am the new chair of the PTA. I am married to Aaron. We have three children Grace 19, Makiya 12 and Isaac 8 in year 4. I am looking forward to this year. I really enjoyed making the Christmas night market happen with the team last year and hope that we can manage just a couple more great community events for you this year.

The PTA has made a huge contribution to the school over the years. Ensuring that each year we sponsor the buses to swimming ($5,000), kids to camp ($5,000) and those little extra items in the classroom. The big item to save for has been the playground. I understand the community has been waiting for quite some time. I can reassure you that the PTA over the years has saved a generous amount. The profit made just from last year's fundraising efforts was $11,000. This will enable us to meet the needs of the school. Thank you to Jacqui Carter for her leadership to make that happen.

Change is not always easy and as the school prepares for builders to arrive to make our new school buildings we as a PTA want to be active to ensure we as a school community can cope. It is our plan to give a full calendar of fundraising activities for the year and make every effort to keep you informed.

Should you wish to join the PTA or wish to volunteer in helping us with a fundraising event we would really like to hear from you. 

Our first fundraising effort is the delightful Easter Raffle please donate and share the raffles tickets with your family and friends.


Please contact the school office if you want to join the PTA 


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