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School Starts 8.55am
Morning Break 10.40 – 11am
Lunch 12 – 12.30pm
Afternoon Break 1.30 – 2pm
Finish 3pm

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Our latest news

Week Two  9-12 Feb

Waitangi day observed on Monday

Whole school assembly 2.30pm in the hall on Tuesday

Meet the teacher 6pm on Wednesday

Powhiri 10am on Friday


Kia ora/Hello… The school year has begun!

This week has been a great week. We all enjoyed our break away but it has been lovely to see all staff and children back this week. Thank you to all parents who have made contact with their child’s teacher(s) and said hello. It’s great to have that early contact and demonstrates your willingness to get alongside the school as partners in your child’s education.

Welcome to new staff members

Two new staff members  have  joined the Redwood School team this year. Mr Paul Morehu teaching Year 5/6 in Room 18 and Miss Jessica Barnes teaching Year 1/2 in Room 8. We are thrilled to have both Paul and Jess join us here.

Our Reddie Learner Qualities and the Redwood Way

Our children are Reddie Learners. They ‘climb high together’ (our school motto) in their learning, trying their best by being an independent learner but also by working well together. Our Reddie Learner qualities are respect, responsibility and relationships. Reddie Learners work hard at showing respect for themselves, others and the environment. They are responsible for their learning and choices. They relate well to others and build positive relationships. This is the Redwood Way.

These qualities are key daily teaching and learning points for our tamariki. They will be continually reinforced with our tamariki as the way we do things at Redwood School. The three qualities were highlighted from our community consultation and feedback last year. These replace the seven qualities we originally established in the school six years ago.

It would be great if you could chat to your children about the Reddie Learner Qualities and reinforce them at home as well. This will ensure home and school are ‘on the same page’.

Thank you to ASB!

Wow! We have had a lot of furniture donated to the school by ASB. ASB is our school bank and we recommend them as a great business to deal with.

The furniture that has been donated is now in classrooms, the school office, hall and staffroom. There is still more to unpack. We now have the big task of sorting out all our old and new furniture. Some of the old furniture will be dumped and some will be stored for future use, donation or sale.

Thanks ASB… you have made a positive difference at Redwood School.

Meet the Teacher, Meet the Programme

We look forward to seeing as many parents/whanau along next week on Wednesday 10 February to meet the teachers. from 6.00pm. You will receive a notice about this event. This is a chance to get to know more about Redwood School and the class/learning space your child is in. We would love to see you come along.

We do hope you have a great Waitangi weekend!


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